Resin Bonded and bound Driveways can be used in both residential as well as commercial setups. Commercially, it is the best for buses and cycle lanes. In residential areas, the surfacing can be used on pathways, driveways, outdoor play areas as well as in indoor settings like conservatories or kitchens.

Numerous people are nowadays hiring professionals who excel in resin-based surfacing. With plentiful benefits, resin bound driveways are simply the best for your indoor and outdoor flooring needs. This low maintenance, hard-wearing, UV stable and incredibly quick, easy to install driveway is a must for every neighbourhood. It is advised to choose a company that is already trusted by countless customers. Stoneway Paving can offer you all these things and guarantee excellent service and quality workmanship. Both Resin Bound and Resin Bonded are available in a variety of colours.

Resin Bonded Driveways are created by using the scatter coating surfacing that consists of a base, the resin and the aggregate. For creating the best driveway, it is necessary to ensure that the base is as sound and as level as possible. It must be monolithic or composite whole like concrete. The base of such surface must be free of grease, standing water and loose material. Thus, by preparing the base perfectly, you can ensure that the resin bonds perfectly. The resin used in our driveways cures very quick and can withstand traffic within hours. It is always advisable to call in a specialist company such as ourselves that know precisely what they are doing and as us give you a guarantee for works undertaken. Resin Bonded Driveways can be created to compliment the environment or the surrounding area.

Resin Driveways in Gloucestershire

You can choose from a variety of aggregates that are up to a maximum of 6mm or less for attaining the best results. The aggregate must be scattered over the resin layer as soon as possible as it has a quick setting time. Ensure that the aggregate is evenly coated to avoid the presence of bald patches and creation of a perfect Resin Bonded Driveway. In the case you have already seen such driveways or surfaces you will certainly agree that it is the best choice for home or office. It can even be personalized with specific designs as well as logos. In general, the method of Resin Binding involves the thorough mixing of both aggregate and resin together by machine the aggregate coated in resin is then spread over the base by using trowels and screeding bars by hand. It can also be used for laying the mixture in correct thickness generally 12-15mm for paths and lightly trafficked areas and between 15-30mm for driveways and heavy trafficked areas. The bonded method involves the laying of resin over base followed by scattering of aggregate over the tacky resin as the same for the Resin Bound process although if laying a Resin Bound System it is more appropriate and desirable if this system is laid onto a permeable sub base such as open lay asphalt.

Resin Driveways in Gloucestershire

The popularity of Resin Bound Driveways has increased considerably in the last few years. These driveways are laid using a unique technique that binds resin to decorative aggregate. Such driveways look beautiful and are hard wearing, quick to lay, slip resistant, practically maintenance free and do not loose stones that can damage cars or that can be trafficked into your house unlike normal gravel driveways. In case you are not aware, these driveways are created by what known in the industry as the “trowelled method”; also known as resin bound surfacing or S.U.D.s system, Sustainable Urban Drainage where the resin bound system will help the run of off water to permeate through the surface into and back into the earth below thus helping to prevent flooding. Resin Bound surfaces, porous systems and permeable paving can even be laid/mixed using recycled materials such as plastics, rubber and recycled glass, giving the Resin Bound system a very green and eco-friendly appeal.

Resin bound paving is a mixture of aggregate stones and resin used to pave footpaths, driveways, etc. It’s a kind of permeable paving solution.

It’s a flexible surfacing material, so it’s resistant to cracking. The system is mixed on site and cold applied, using a high-quality clear resin binder to coat the aggregate particles prior to laying. Unlike other methods of resin-based surfacing, where a thin layer of resin is applied to the surface and then the aggregate scattered on top (which can then become loose over time and is impermeable), resin and aggregates are thoroughly mixed together prior to laying – ensuring that the aggregate is completely coated and so providing a totally bound surface. As a result, a resin bound surface is more durable and requires less maintenance – it needs to sweep, or power wash the paving at least twice a year, to avoid the build-up of detritus and prevent the growth of moss or algae.

Resin bound paving is a fully permeable paving solution which allows water to freely drain through the surface. Meeting the requirements of Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) standards, this helps to prevent standing water and largely eliminates surface water runoff.


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