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Resin Driveways FAQS

What is a resin driveway?

A resin driveway is a surface made from aggregate stones & resin. Resin is both flexible & permeable and provides a smooth finish, with no loose stones or chips.

Because of the way it is mixed, the resin has small gaps between the aggregates which makes a resin drive permeable, meaning that resin is also a SuDS compliant surface, meaning no planning permissions is required to have a resin driveway installed.

How much does a resin driveway cost?

There are many different factors you have to consider to help understand the cost of a resin driveway.

Firstly our team would have to visit your property and do a site survey, this would include measuring the total area, finding out more information about aggregate colour. edging requirements, base conditions and much more.

We would then be able to give you an accurate quote for a resin driveway, if you would like to arrange a free no-obligation quote then please Contact Us.

Can you lay a resin driveway on top of concrete or tarmac?

We use permeable resin bound materials which can be laid directly onto an existing concrete or tarmac surface if it is in suitable condition.

Can you jet wash a resin driveway?

Yes, you can jet wash a resin surface such as a resin bound driveway or patio. But why not leave it to us to do the hard work for you!!

What colours can I have on a resin drive?

Any colour or colour mix is possible, popular choices include-Haze, Sweet Pea, Amalfi, Dorset Cove, Cappuccino, Meadow, Slate Grey, Rosso Luna. To find out more about our colours you can visit our Resin Driveways page to see a colour chart.

Why should I install a resin-bound driveway?

When it comes to driveway options, resin is a perfect choice. If you are looking for a high-quality finish with a massive range of design options, we strongly recommend resin paving.

How long before you can use a resin driveway?

Do resin driveways crack?

We pay close attention to our sub-base preparation to ensure durable hard wearing surfaces-so no, your resin driveway will not crack!

Will my resin driveway fade?

All our resin driveway installations are done using high quality UV stable resin so the colour will not  fade or change.

Will weeds grow through resin driveways?

Resin surfacing is completely bound, which means that it is weed resistant. Our subbase is weed treated prior to laying to make them doubly resistant to weed growth.

Can I have a resin patio?

A Resin Bound surface can be used for many different areas including patios, pathways, driveways, forecourts and much more.

With a resin bound surface being permeable & smooth it is a great surfacing option for garden patios, seating areas and paths. With 100’s of colours, styles and designs options available, resin can be used for any surface!

Tarmac Driveways

Is tarmac cheaper than block paving?

Tarmac driveways are cheaper than block paved driveways.

This is partly because of the price of the materials and also the labour cost in the time it takes to install, a key factor with the price of a driveway is the size of the driveway required, whether you require additional design features such as edgings, mottifs’ or drainage and also the current condition of the driveway base. 

How long does a tarmac driveway last?

Tarmac driveways can last for over 25 years, depending on the quality of the installation, the climate and the usage.

How long after laying tarmac can you park on it?

Please wait 48 hours before driving your vehicle on it or it could potentially leave marks on it. You can walk on it straight away though.

What is the best time of year to seal a driveway?

Sealcoating can be done at any time of year, ideally the best time of year for driveway sealing is between May and October.

How much does a tarmac driveway cost

We would have to come and carry out a survey, the prices vary depending on size of the area, any base work,  the colour of the tarmac, edgings and bespoke features etc.

Is a tarmac driveway boring?

Not at all – we can add bespoke details such as edging, aprons or borders in coloured brick or block paving, you can have different surface sections, the possibilities are endless.

How do you maintain a tarmac driveway?

To extend the life of your tarmac driveway, we can apply a sealant to its surface. The sealant works as a barrier which allow the driveway to stay fresh and clean.

Can you powerwash tarmac?

Using a high powered pressure washer on a tarmac driveway could potentially damage the tarmac surface and “scar” the tarmac.

Although tarmac is extremely hard wearing, in warm weather tarmac can become more malleable and can sometimes become prone to damaging easier.

Block Paving

What is Block Paving?

Paving blocks are factory-manufactured sturdy brick or ‘block’ that is commonly used as a decorative method of creating a pavement or driveway.

Block Paving is the combination or blocks into a style/ pattern which forms a walkable and hard surface. 

What colour is block paving?

Block paving is available in a range of colours including autumn, brindle, charcoal, grey, ochre, natural stone, red, buff, bracken and can be mixed and matched to create patterns.

Block Paving also comes in an array of different block styles & thickness. This means that you can be extremely creative when it comes to designing a block paved driveway or patio.

Will I need planning permission for block paving?

If the blocks you choose allow drainage you won’t need planning permission to lay them in your driveway or garden.

Can Block paving be laid all year round?

Yes, all that is required is dry conditions.

Does Block paving require maintenance?

It’s good practice to provide maintenance to your driveway usually in the form of regular sweeping, jet washing and occasional sanding.

How much is a block driveway?

Costs depend on the size of your driveway, material used, any necessary base work, patterns and used extras such as edging, steps or drainage.


The cost of a block paved driveway can vary depending on many factors, mainly the size of the area you wish to have a driveway installed. 

Other factors that affect the cost of a block paved driveway are block style & colour if you require any drainage & how much groundwork & excavation is required.

When am I able to walk/park on my new driveway?

It is normally recommended that a waiting period of 48 hours passes before driving, parking or placing any plant pots on your new driveway but walking across is allowed usually after 2-3 hours.

How long will it take to lay block paving?

Most skilled workers will recommend a minimum of 4-5 days to complete the whole driveway, but there can be other factors that cause delays such as settlement of the materials.

How long will my driveway last?

Block paving laid on a subbase is stronger than concrete itself. You should expect to last a lifetime as long as due care is taken with your driveway in the form of regular maintenance.

Does Block paving require resealing?

Yes, it’s good practice to reseal your block paving driveway as regularly as every 2-3 years.