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If you’re thinking about getting your driveway resurfaced or are looking to transform your pathways or patios then sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration to decide what would be suit your home.

The choice in material and design are endless with 100’s different colour combinations, material combinations, edging and stylings available, making a final design decision extremely difficult.

At Stoneway Paving & Resin Driveways we specialise in resin driveways, block paving & tarmac drives and are experts in all aspects of driveway design and installation.

Resin Driveways

With a resin driveway, there are many different possibilities in terms of the layout & final design.

With 25 different colours available including the popular spring haze, oyster pearl & cappuccino, we can design you a resin drive to suit the style of your property.

With a resin driveway, several different design elements can be added to make the driveway stand out.

Colour Combinations:

Using two different resin colours within a design is a great way to make your driveway stand out from your neighbours. 

Many people choose to use a combination of colours to provide an accent to the edging of the driveway or use it to shows a pathway or design with the drive. The selection of colours we have available makes this an easy option to add your own touch of stylistic design. 

Block Edging: 

Finishing the driveway with block paved edging provides a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish to the driveway and allows you to add extra colour and style to the driveway. 

With endless possibilities and terms of block colour, style, design & size, adding an edging to the driveway can be a great way to edge flower beds, pathways and much more. 


A motif is a design made from a combination of different resin colours which when finish turns into a design or pattern. 

Motif, translated from French literally means “Pattern”. 

A motif within a resin driveway is a fantastic way to add character, style and colour to your driveway and the possibilities are endless.  

Whether you are looking for something stylistic such as a butterfly, flower, intricate pattern or you just want something simple like your property name or house number. 

Amalfi Resin Driveways

Bespoke Cappuccino Resin Driveway Installation

Dorset Cove Resin Driveway Installation

Meadow Colour Resin Driveway in Gloucestershire

Rosso Luna Bespoke Resin Driveway

Slate Gret Resin Driveway installation in Somerset

Spring Haze Resin Driveway

sweet pea resin driveway

Please note images are illustrations and design may have slight differences

We only use the best materials on our projects. That’s why all of our resin is supplied by The Resin Mill.

Can’t Decide which Driveway Surface to Choose?
During our FREE initial survey, we can offer our advice and ideas on materials, styles, designs and materials. This includes combining different materials in separate areas. A popular choice is to opt for a block paved section, known as an apron, at the entrance to your driveway then resin or tarmac throughout. Using materials in this way can actually reduce your costs too.

Block Paving

With Block Paving, you have the ultimate combination of colours, style, size and design.

As well as this block or flags can come in many different finishes from rough & smooth to patterned which can allow us to design the perfect block paved driveway for you!

There are many traditional styles of block paved driveways with specific colours and block styles used but now many people are combining block styles and colours to make their block paved driveway more unique.

If you’re looking to have a block paved driveway installed then please feel free to contact our team and we will be more than happy to help.

Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways aren’t the most stylistically pleasing but they are used to provide a long-lasting & hard-wearing driveway.

More of our customers and now combining tarmac with block paving to provide a more stylised design to their driveway.

Whether this is using block paving to add an edging or border to the driveway or the block is used as a breaker for the tarmac driveway.

If you have a larger driveway or a driveway that requires integrated drainage then block paving is a good way to style channel drains & flows drains into your driveway.

Areas we work in..
All of our work at Stoneway Paving & Resin Drives Ltd is insured and guaranteed. We cover Gloucester, Gloucestershire & the South West of the UK. Below are just some of the areas that we work in…

Resin Driveway Colours

There are many different colours of resin that can be used for a resin driveway. There are many different reasons for a selection of a resin, with factors such as personal preference, the colour of the property, the surrounding area or the colour of adjoining driveways.

There is also the choice of having a combination of resin colours for your driveway.

With many people now using different colours to design a creative resin drive. Multiple colours are also used when creating motifs, which are designed embedded into the driveway to add style and a personal touch. 

Resin surfacing colours
Resin Driveway Colours Mobile