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Driveway Repairs & Refurbishment

A well-installed driveway will stand a significant amount of wear and tear but over time you may find a driveway can become damaged, aged and may require general repairs & maintenance.

Whether this is due to vehicles parking on the driveway, footfall, spilt oils and chemicals or just the British weather, even a perfectly installed driveway will require repairs from time to time.

Our team undertake an array of driveway & tarmac repairs, whether you require your resin to be patched, tarmac repairs, block paving repairs and anything in-between, we can help.

Driveway Patching & Repairs

If your driveway is damaged or cracking then you may require your driveway to be patched and repaired.

Patching is the process of filling in holes or cracks in your driveway without the need for a full driveway restoration.

Many of the repairs required on a tarmac driveway or block paving are potholes, cracks, sinkholes or birdbaths or missing or moved blocks.

Potholes are typically sections of a driveway where the asphalt/tarmac has gone missing over time, creating a hole in the tarmac. The size of a pothole can vary and it is important for you to repair your driveway before a pothole becomes too big, as if the pothole grows too big it can be much harder to repair professionally.

Another way to protect against potholes is to ensure that your driveway is sealed every couple of years, this sealant can help stop the tarmac from cracking and crumbling.

With block paving, many of the problems can occur from loose blocks, weeds and poor driveway sealing. A typical repair for a block paved driveway is ensuring that all of the blocks are correctly placed and have been sealed correctly to ensure they do not move when footfall moves on your driveway.

Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

We offer a professional cleaning service to bring your driveway or patio back to life. We clean and restore a wide variety of surfaces using a ‘chemical free’ industrial strength pressure washer system. Our team can eradicate ant nests and other infestations and we can treat and remove invasive weeds.  Dirt, oil, grease and other stains can be blasted away and we can blitz all trace of mould, mildew, black spots, moss lichen and all other organisms.

Our Reviews

Our team at Stoneway Paving are experienced, polite and work in a clean and tidy manner with the main priority being to deliver excellent customer service. We will ensure your property is left clean and tidy when finishing a project and will go out of our way to ensure you are totally satisfied with the completed work.

Do you require driveway repairs or refurbishment?

Driveway Sealing

As well as ensuring your driveway or patio is professionally cleaned it is important to ensure that your driveway, block paving or patio is sealed every couple of years.

Driveway or patio sealing is the process of protecting the colour of your driveway as well as helping to protect it from staining.

If your driveway is sealed, anything that is spilt/dropped on your driveway will be much easier to remove with a simple pressure wash.

There are different types of driveway sealing including both acrylic & tarmac sealant.

Acrylic sealant is good for pattern imprinted concrete, ensuring the colour within the driveway is protected & that the colour looks vibrant. Tarmac restorer is a high-powered sealant that has black colouring, which brings a tarmac driveway back to life.

If you’re looking for a new driveway or want to talk to us about driveway sealant and protection then please contact us!

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All of our work at Stoneway Paving & Resin Drives Ltd is insured and guaranteed. We cover Gloucester, Gloucestershire & the South West of the UK. Below are just some of the areas that we work in…